Find a place for your community
Be seen by everyone in the Metaverse. Host events, games, or experiences for thousands of people with a Critterz Plot.
*Collabs are for plot owners only.
the most active metaverse
Host thousands of people. One world. No limitations.
Your audience is a spectacle
See everyone in your metaverse event space. No player caps, no server allocation. They can all interact with each other too.
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Unlimited participants, all on one map
Have thousands in your community? No problem. Invite as many as you'd like, we can host them all with zero lag.
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Concerts, theme parks and launch parties
Need a custom clubhouse? Fireworks? A giant sound stage? Lasers? Custom music? We can do it all.
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YOU ARE Not alone
Be seen by everyone else in the metaverse.
Communities participating in the Critterz metaverse
Concurrent player capacity, but theoretically no limit
Highly engaged community members
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Build any experience you want on Critterz Plots.
Sell tickets to your game, host events, or broadcast your Web3 community with Critterz Plots — All in the same Metaverse world for maximum exposure. All you need is a Plot.
Zero server setup
All you need is a plot. We handle everything else for the server.
Server hosting included
Your land will always be there. No need to pay for server hosting.
Custom-built event space
Need a club? game? stadium? We'll import any builds you have.
Play-and-earn games
Racing? PvP? Doable in Minecraft and integrated with the blockchain.
Large scale events
Host over thousands of players on your plot. The only place to do so.
Laser lights & fireworks
Add any effects, embellishments, or visuals to your event.
$BLOCK/ERC20 integration
Burn or payout any ERC20 tokens for feature unlocks or games.
Token holder exclusive areas
Add more utility or exclusivity for your NFT holders.
Any ERC721 NFT integration
Fully integrated with the Ethereum blockchain, all NFTs work on plots.
Don't see your use case?
We didn't have space to list all the features. Contact us to discuss how we can help.
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